Zentangle Tiles

I am trying to sort out some of the Zentangle tiles to share with you. A Zentangle tile is an archival (will lasts for hundreds of years under good conditions) paper made in Italy. It measures 3.5″ square. The square tiles come in three different colors: white (more of a cream, actually), black, and tan, which is called Renaissance.

I will be adding more information that you can really use in the coming posts, but right now I am learning this website as I go. I’m on a steep learning curve here. Bear with me, please! And I’d love it if you would comment and let me know you were here.

The following are posts to give you some examples of my work, with comments in the captions.

keep your heart untangled,
Kat ^.^

black Zentangle Tile
Black tile with white ink.
White Zentangle Tile
three tangles that go well together.
White Zentangle Tile
Using two tangles to intermingle. This is a good example of one tangle being filled by another.
White Zentangle Tile
This one looks like a pot of boiling water to some viewers! I was working on transitioning from one tangle to the next by connecting them.
White Zentangle Tile
Incorporating the “go behind” principle by layering the tangles. Near the middle you can see three tangles layered in one place.
White Zentangle Tile
My personal favorite tangles are the organic ones over the geometric. I tend to draw lots of tangles that look like plants.

4 thoughts on “Zentangle Tiles”

  1. This is so awesome!!!!!!! I like all your tiles you have made. My favorite is this one with the caption underneath starting with Incorporating the ” go behind ” principle. That is so cool looking. Simple yet eye catching.. Congrats on your web site.

    1. Thank you so much ! ✨💖✨ yours is the first comment! Yay! I so appreciate you visiting and seeing the pages. Visit often 😊

  2. Kat, I am amazed at your talent! The “go behind” technique is interesting. I LOVE the example captioned that you tend to draw many tangles that look like plants!

    I’m really interested in the ZIA idea. I find that I am contemplating branching out beyond the Zentangle tiles. I’m going to have to get myself over to Tazwell.

    1. Hi Faye!
      I’ve had so much fun working with my friend, Sheila (at SheilaDelgado.com ), who has helped me do the things I couldn’t figure out, such as the header.

      And thank you so much for liking my art. I’ve got to get some of my ZIAs up here- I have a LOT. I’ve found, though, that the way to stay sharp is to draw a tile a day. It’s important to have tangle patterns in your head, to know them by heart.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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