A Zentangle Inspired Artwork (ZIA)


What do YOU see here?
What do YOU see here?

This is one of my  ZIAs, measuring 7″x10″. It is on Canson multimedia paper using Sakura Micron 01 black ink, except for the round tangle which has some Sakura Micron brown.

One of my earlier works but is still one of my favorites. It has no shading as I hadn’t yet learned how. This is called a ZIA- Zentangle Inspired Art. Why?
Because Zentangle is specific: it is on a 3.5″ square tile, a 2″ small “Bijou” tile, or a 10″ “Opus” tile.   It can be viewed from any dire toon- there is no right way up.
Also, no color- just square tiles using pencil for shading and “string”, and black ink (or brown on tan tiles) – micron pens by Sakura are recommended.

Anything of a different size and/or using color is a ZIA.

Keep your heart and mind untangled with Zentangle,

Kat ^.^


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  1. I am so impressed by the design work that Sheila Delgado has done and her skill in making the website truly awesome. I did wonder if the header should be the same color as the CZT buttons and also have some kind of 3D elevation as well. These are just thoughts. What do you think?

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