Today’s Tangle: Under the Sea ZIA

Today I’m sharing the ZIA tile I completed yesterday. So many people thought it looked like it was set in water that I named it “Under the Sea.” The color was created by using different shades of Distress Inks. I love the color of this tile!This tile is called ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) because it has color, and seems to have a direction, or right and wrong side to show.

The first tile is shown before I added any shading:

While the shading is very subtle in the photo below, it adds dimension to the tile, especially in the center of the tile.

sea 2

I know it is a subtle difference, but can you see how the depth pops in the center, particularly?

What do you think about it?

Tangling to keep my heart untangled by cares of the world,

Kat ^.^

PS There is a bit of news on the Classes and Events page at the top…. The class at the Appalachian Art Center that was scheduled for April 30th has been reschedueled to May 7th due to an electrical problem that occurred. It made it impossible to get the press releases out in time for people to have advanced notice. There is also a FUNdamental Basics class in Bluefield WV on May 5th. Check out the page listed for contact info.

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    1. Wow, you know, I never even notice that, let alone did it on purpose! A happy accident, Thanks for your observation, and for your kind words, Sheila!

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