New Header

I’m so excited about what is happening here on the website, because it is blossoming into a thing of beauty. It is all due to my good friend Sheila Delgado’s hard work. She captured the spirit of what I represent and turned it into a beautiful header. She is a wonderful artist and graphic designer. Please visit her website and leave a comment so she knows you were there.

Sheila’s Website

What do you think of the header? Do you like it? Suggestions?

4 thoughts on “New Header”

  1. So glad you are happy with it Kat! What does David think? And Libby? Best of luck with your new site! Saying prayers it never gets lost again! (I have yet to recover my missing posts.)

    1. I love it and am sure they do as well. Maybe they’ll comment here. It’s sad you lost so many pages šŸ˜ž Your prayers are much appreciated!

  2. I love your new header and site! I have been there and done that with pieces of my blog disappearing into thin air..Not fun having to start over…Your drawings are awesome šŸ™‚

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