These are actual recommendations and testimonials given to Kat to share with you.

“With passion, enthusiasm, humor, skill and grace, Kat conveys the concepts and techniques of Zentangle to her students. Her belief in the concepts and her skill using the techniques are evident as she teaches, encourages and honors class participants. I leave her classes inspired and motivated to use all I have learned as I continue my tangling journey. Kat is a joy to know. She adds big smiles to my life!” ~~  Faye Titus

“Both classes I’ve taken have been inspiring and fun. Kat treats each student as if that person was the only one in the class and encourages them to use their skills and imagination to express themselves in a creative and individual way. Zentangle is endlessly fascinating. It can go in any direction in which you wish to take it. Kat, thanks for the time and effort you put into your teaching. The Secret Garden class is amazing!!” ~~Sara Reese