A Completely New Class!

An old, unfinished example of a Renaissance tile

A New Class and More
To learn more about this new class, go to the Classes and Events page at the top of this page.

BEYOND THE BASICS: Introduction to Renaissance Tiles”  will be at Blue Mountain Mercantile in Bluefield, WV on April 8th. This is the first class on this topic I’ve taught in this area, so sign up soon as it is a small venue and so seats are limited.

Call (304) 327-7560 to register.

The photo above is an unfinished Renaissance Tile– tan tile with brown and. black ink and white highlights.

Monthly FIRST Mondays at 6:00 PM we will be meeting at the Tazewell Public Library for our Heart Untangled group. Come and have fun with us! There will be laughter, drawing and sharing and all that will be missing is YOU, so please come!

We’ve had a lot of illness in the family, and one involved the Five day hospitalization of our daughter, Adriel. Things have been in a bit of chaos as a result. Hopefully things will begin to change now.

Keep an eye out for my blog posts… I’ll be sharing parts of my life as well as all things Zentangle. The next post will be a list of things currently available in our store! Be on the lookout for it in the next 24 hours😀

See you there!

Hearts Untangled Studios

PO Box 464  Tazewell, VA 24651 USA

Two New Tangles by Kat

I’ve been creating new tangles and have decided that it’s time to share with the Zentangle world at large two today. Both are simple to learn, and both can be used as borders.

The first is called Beanz  because the first strokes look like a coffee bean. Here is an example of Beans as a border tangle. Please note that I’m posting two photos for each because some see these upside down. This way,  I hope everyone can see one right side up!

Beanz(click to enlarge):



.Here is another tangle of mine, called Aro, which is pronounced like “arrow.” It can be a border tangle or can be stacked upon itself. I saw a pattern like this on a bracelet

The golden one above the Step-out was drawn by Inge Frasch, CZT. I hope you’ll enjoy drawing these tangles!  I’d love to see what you do with them! Send them to me at Untangled.Kat@gmail.com when you have something done!


Happy Tangling!

My name











An Intimate Garden Gathering

On Saturday, I taught a Secret Garden of Zentangle© Class of four, and it was fun and intimate. We met at Beth Christopher’s lovely shop Blue Mountain Mercantile in Bluefield, WV.

I’ve had to put two versions of some photos because they show up upside down on different devices! Weird, I know. Sigh.

The Secret Garden of Zentangle: Botanicals I These are the wonderful gardens the students Teresa, Natalie, Lisa and Cherie drew!
The Secret Garden of Zentangle: Botanicals I
These are the wonderful gardens the students Teresa, Natalie, Lisa and Cherie drew!


Speaking of the Blue Mountain Mercantile, I really hope you will go and visit Beth the next time you are in Bluefield. She has only been at this location a few months and I really hope she is a success. She has crafts, soaps, jewelry, and other works by local artists, including MINE! We must support our local artists if we want them to keep making their art. Visit her website, which is an evolving work in progress

Blue Mountain Mercantile

In fact, I’m teaching a FUNdamentals Basic Zentangle 101 for beginners at the Mercantile on October 8th. See our Events Page under “Menu” above for details. Invite those who would appreciate the benefits of Zentangle!

Lately, I’ve been very involved in the Travelling Tiles Project on Facebook. One person starts a tile and swaps tiles with another. Then, the two recipients finish the tile however they wish, then post a photo of the results, with a “before” photo as well. If you want to be involved OR just watch the fun and see beautiful works of art, look up the group and join! I have three students who have joined and would love to know if you do!

Here are some tiles I’ve finished:

This one was started by Stephanie Jennifer of Singapore. She put the background color on and drew the "waves". I added the rest
This one was started by Stephanie Jennifer of Singapore. She put the background color on and drew the “waves”. I added the rest

This was started by Anne Marks of Australia. She drew the outlines (the “string”) and the top section and 4th down. I added the rest plus the color between sections and on my own sections.
More soon! Please do comment below. Let me know someone is reading!

Keep your heart untangled, My name


NOSW Invites Kat to Teach

Yesterday David and I had a wonderful experience at Bluefield College! We were invited to be a part of the NOSW program…that’s New Opportunity School for Women, directed by Meg Quinn. I was thrilled when Continue reading “NOSW Invites Kat to Teach”

My Zentangle Passion and a New Technique!

Hi everyone! I have been busy working on my daily tiles and tangling at least an hour a day. I take my profession as a Certified Zentangle® Teacher very seriously. I also believe my own mental health is a priority, so daily tangling is extremely important to me. I want to keep anxiety and insomnia at bay and for me, Zentangle is the answer! It is also my passion.

Today I want to share a new technique that I find  fascinating. I plan to teach this technique Continue reading “My Zentangle Passion and a New Technique!”