Summer is Here! And Classes are Scheduled (Photo heavy)

Yes, it’s true, there are new classes on the schedule. Just check the Classes and Events page above. There are, at this writing, three classes in the works  two are for beginners, and one
is for those who have had the Beginner class. It’s called The Secret Garden of Zentangle: Botanicals. This is a class that I have created because I love the botanical-looking tangles so much and they are my mac and cheese. I have listed 36 patterns so far that I know, and most of them actually are from the Official list. You already know that I love poke leaf, so that’s one for sure.

NOTE: I forgot to add the letter E tile to my last post, so i went back to add it. If you missed it, just go check it out. Next are more from the Alphabet that I’m doing, as well as some other tiles. I am a part of a Traveling Tangle Project (though it is spelled Travelling on Facebook groups). What that means is that one person starts a tile, and then sends it to a second person who then finishes it (and gets to keep it). It’s what others call a “round robin.”  I am so hooked! I will share some of those here, too, at least the first two. I hope to add more to the next post.

I love summer, which is a really radical change for me. Since moving to the beautiful heart of the Appalachian Mountains, I have found a genuine beauty in each season, including summer. I’ve also discovered that I’m an outside girl, and if I have air conditioning in the house and car, I don’t mind being in the heat if I get to take Bella for a run or get to look at (or pick) flowers growing in the little gardens Bear made for me. I’m sad to see that the copious amounts of my favorite summer flower, Cosmos, are not coming up again despite coming up for the last two years. There are about four plants, compared to about 25 last year, at least. I’m sad about that, and sad that no other seeds were planted. Bear had cataract surgery on both eyes this spring, and couldn’t bend over to plant. Oh well… We have a cherry tomato plant in  a container. I hope that grows, as previous full-sized tomatoes were abysmal. Do you have favorite flowers?

The first two tiles that I got to swap were from Stephanie and her mother, Joni, who live in Singapore. It is so cool to share tiles with those in other countries! I received two tiles from them, which I have posted “before and after.”  I have sent them both a tile to finish as well. What fun!

This is the one Stephanie Drew and sent to me
This is the one Stephanie drew and sent to me
My additions to finish it
My additions to finish it
Joni's tile that she started and mailed to me, with Stephanie's
Joni’s tile that she started and mailed to me, with Stephanie’s


This is my finished version. It called out for color
This is my finished version. It called out for color

Now I will share the next in the Alphabet Series. G and H.

The letter G
The letter H
The letter H

This Monday we had a really good Hearts Untangled Group at the library. We had six of us tangling and sharing our work from the last month. We had two newcomers, and they loved Zentangle just like I knew they would. One was a shy 14 year-old young man who really has the talent to go far with it. It was a lot of fun, and the time flew by. I like offering this free get-together, and I always end up teaching a tangle. This time, I was so happy to schedule a class as a result of the group!

As always, it is good to get a chance to talk to you and I hope you will “talk back” by leaving a comment. It definitely helps me to keep blogging when I know there are people “out there” reading my blog.

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  1. Tangle certainly makes you happy! I can just feel what a blessing it is in your life. I enjoy your ideas and look forward to tangling more in my spare? time

    1. I’m so glad that it shows! It really is a huge blessing. I hope you will treat yourself to tangling. It’s good for the soul!

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