RAZ: Random Acts of Zentangle

Have you ever heard of random acts of kindness–where you pay for someone’s toll in the car behind you, pay for purchases for the person behind you in line at a store, giving a coat to a cold homeless person, add money to someone’s parking meter before it runs out…. It is an act of kindness for which you expect NO repayment.

It’s a lot of fun to do, and to receive! 

Now, what could random acts of Zentangle be? Well, do you see the photo of the Zentangle tile above? Yesterday, while at a doctor/specialist’s office, I drew that tile while waiting to be called back. When the nurse was done taking my vitals I handed the tile to her. She was shocked when I said it was hers, and thrilled! I made her day.

I challenge you to commit a random act of Zentangle: leave a tile on a bench at the mall, give one to your kids’ bus driver, hand one to the cashier at your next store visit, leave one on the counter at the doctors office or pharmacy, etc. you get the idea.

Before you leave the tile, make sure you sign it (all artists sign their work!) and date it on the back, as well as an email address or phone number. They may want to thank you or return what was “lost.” Then you have an opening to share the stress reliever that you’ve discovered….. Ah see there? A random act of kindness after all!

Before I close, make a note of these upcoming classes:
The Secret Garden of Zentangle: Botanicals #1

September 17, 1;00-4:00pm
Blue Mountain Mercantile 

Bluefield, WV
October 15, 1:00-4:00pm

Wytheville Museum

Wytheville, VA
Happy Tangling, 


Your CZT


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