Something Was Missing

This evening, I thought I’d share a recent tile I drew and photographed at different stages.

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Art Liberated!

Every year for the last five years I have participated in a wonderful international postcard swap. I look forward to it
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Growing Wild!

I have a couple of tiles to share with you that I drew today. I hope you enjoy them! Continue reading “Growing Wild!”

Learn AuraKnot!

From time one to time, I will share videos to help you see how to draw certain tangles. Today, I’m sharing Auraknot, a sharp looking pattern that can be quite tricky to draw. It’s one of my personal favorites, so I wanted to share it now… Continue reading “Learn AuraKnot!”

New Header

I’m so excited about what is happening here on the website, because it is blossoming into a thing of beauty. It is all due to my good friend Sheila Delgado’s hard work. She captured the spirit of what I represent and turned it into a beautiful header. She is a wonderful artist and graphic designer. Please visit her website and leave a comment so she knows you were there.

Sheila’s Website

What do you think of the header? Do you like it? Suggestions?