More Alphabet Fun

I have some additions to the alphabet. I’d love to know what you think. I appreciate it when you leave a comment so very much! Okay, without further ado, here they are…

Here is a cursive D… can you see it?

I love the tangle called Poke Leaf. It’s a Mac and cheese as I said before.


Oops, when I posted this before, I forgot to put the letter E! Sorry! Here it is:

The letter E
The letter E


Next is an F…

I would love to take up my friend Kathryn Hall’s idea of making an alphabet book– maybe even a coloring book. I have no idea how to go about it. If you have suggestions or ideas, please leave me a comment!

Today, my sweet husband and I had to see our specialist so I didn’t have time to draw a letter tile. Also, it is my son’s 38th birthday- time just zooms by the older one gets. I feel so old! I sure wish we could be with him but he is about 1,000 miles away in Houston, Texas. I miss him something fierce. He visited this spring and while it was a wonderful visit, it had been nearly 10 years since we’d seen each other in person. It has made me miss his presence even more.

I got him a Zentangle kit for his birthday and he has drawn beautiful tiles. Maybe he’ll let me share some with you!

Here’s one more tile I’ll leave you with…

A pot of organic favorite tangles.

Take care and keep on tangling!

5 thoughts on “More Alphabet Fun”

  1. I don’t know if it could work for something personal or not, but the newspaper here printed up some coloring books for a fundraiser here. I don’t know if it would be cost prohibitive or not, but printing at places like Staples or Kinkos and assembling them yourself might be a way to get a small batch started and see how it goes. Three hole punch and brads to bind them? They could always just be stapled…..

    1. I love that idea! Sadly our Staples just closed and ther is none for a couple of hours’ driving…same for Kinkos. Oh how I miss my Kinkos! I’ll have to find the closest and go from there

  2. Catching up on your posts Kat. I know I subscribed, and I just did again. 🙂
    Hope everything went well with the Doctor for both of you 🙂
    Loving the letters, and I really love the pot of organics 🙂

    Happy tangling to you 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sheila! Just a standard follow-up appointment this time. So glad you love the letters! I’m up to K now, so I need to keep posting them!

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