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This is definitely the mark of small town living…we get terribly excited over new businesses coming in, especially restaurants. And I discovered on Friday that we have a new coffee shop in town! It’s the only one we have, so you know we’re thrilled!

It’s called The Well… 

Our town gets an uptown coffee bar! 

You enter the handicapped-accessible door (yay!) and you pass the place where the two are sitting in the above window, then travel down a long, beautiful hardwood floored passageway lined with a counter with stools…


There is a bit of artwork on the walls but not much. I bravely asked the owners, Michael and Venus, if they would be interested in hanging my Zentangle Inspired Art  for a commission if they sold. David took some framed work in the next day and they liked it and said yes!


Pricey for this area but many think it is worth it… hope enough do so we get to keep them here! The drinks and pastries are fantastic! So far our family and my bestie here have all had the frappes and they are so good we don’t want to try other things yet. 😀


If you are near Tazewell County, Virginia USA , let me know so I can tell you where it is!

Still Tangling,


6 thoughts on “Exciting Town News”

  1. Lots of building going on here too Kat. Glad for you 🙂 Way cool that you had the courage to ask about displaying your art. And that they said yes! High five to you!! Awesome! I hope it is a long and profitable relationship 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sheila! This is in an old building that has been a jewelry store for years, and has been divided into the coffee shop and something else. We don’t have much building here as we have so many empty buildings downtown, but there IS a new hotel being built. That’s pretty exciting and much needed.

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