Art Liberated!

Every year for the last five years I have participated in a wonderful international postcard swap. I look forward to it
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Learn AuraKnot!

From time one to time, I will share videos to help you see how to draw certain tangles. Today, I’m sharing Auraknot, a sharp looking pattern that can be quite tricky to draw. It’s one of my personal favorites, so I wanted to share it now… Continue reading “Learn AuraKnot!”

Zentangle Tiles

I am trying to sort out some of the Zentangle tiles to share with you. A Zentangle tile is an archival (will lasts for hundreds of years under good conditions) paper made in Italy. It measures 3.5″ square. The square tiles come in three different colors: white (more of a cream, actually), black, and tan, which is called Renaissance.

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