My Story: a video

Please watch this brief YouTube video to learn a bit about me. It was recorded at the CZT 20 training in Providence, Rhode Island in June 2015, and recently made available. I’m so proud to be affiliated with Zentangle, Inc. They are a top quality organization and everything they do is excellent.

Summer is Here! And Classes are Scheduled (Photo heavy)

Yes, it’s true, there are new classes on the schedule. Just check the Classes and Events page above. There are, at this writing, three classes in the Continue reading “Summer is Here! And Classes are Scheduled (Photo heavy)”

Alphabet Zentangley Fun

I recently decided that I’d try doing tiles with the alphabet letters used as the string (boundaries for tangles within the tile). It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m going to continue to the end. Here are the first three that Continue reading “Alphabet Zentangley Fun”


I thought I’d try drawing the weekly challenge offered by, a fellow CZT. This week the challenge is “Stripes” and I decided to do my string as stripes, or layers, of tangles. Here is my tile for today… Continue reading “A IATDWC Entry”

Rick and Maria, Zentangle Founders

I thought I’d share a bit with you about Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. They are the owners and founders of Zentangle, Inc and they are my wonderful mentors. Maybe you’d be interested in knowing how it came to be…. Continue reading “Rick and Maria, Zentangle Founders”