Exciting Town News

This is definitely the mark of small town living…we get terribly excited over new businesses coming in, especially restaurants. And I discovered on Friday that we have a new coffee shop in town! It’s the only one we have, so you know we’re thrilled!

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Getting back to it

It’s time to pick up my plow and work… it’s been 6 months since our daughter (my stepdaughter) died and things seemed to come nearly to a screeching halt with my Zentangle practice on November 14. Now I’m ready to take up my Micron pen and draw daily once again -and post.

I don’t want you to think I didn’t tangle during these past 6 months– that’s not true. I’ve used it to help with insomnia and anxiety but found myself struggling with those things again and I hadn’t for a full two years! So it was a wake-up call when they reared their ugly heads in my life again. I was shocked by their presence until I realized I had let several days go by at a time without tangling. Once I started to rectify that, the anxiety and insomnia packed their bags and left. This only reiterated how much Zentangle works and how much I need it…and how much I want to help others learn it.

So… here are some of my tiles I’ve done…

I’m so ready to teach! My question is this: Another beginner class or an Intermediate class with more tangles and  techniques? A Renaissance (tan tiles) or Black Tile class? A “14 Shades of Gray” class? I could go on and on! Suggestions welcome in the comment section…please?  

 I’m going to be publishing more than Zentangle here, such as other art posts, photography, and writings. Another passion I have are fountain pens and I may talk about those, too. I’ve had fun integrating my passions by drawing tiles with my different pens and inks. Explore!
Keep Tangling… I know I will!

Kat van Rooyen

Postcard Art Liberated 2017!

It’s time for Kat Sloma’s wonderful Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap once again.  I’ve been participating in this swap for many years– 5? 6? I’m not sure, but from the start. I have used my photographs of nature in the past, but this year, I’ve used my Zentangle® Art.

The swap consists of sending five postcards to swap (6, if you want to give one to Kat herself) to Kat, where she and several volunteers sort and then send out five cards to each of us, plus Kat’s card for us.

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Our Store!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d better get this posted before I forget. There have been several medical crises going on either in our family or with my personal care aide (she is family!). Whew! Hopefully things calm down soon.

I’ve participated in the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. This photo was taken by Sheila Delgado.  Sheila’s blog about my art  She got one of my cards! I know it’s too large but the way to fix it isn’t showing up! I’m sorry.

Photo of my artwork taken by Sheila of www.sheiladelgado.com

I want to share with you all the things I currently have in my Zentangle® Store, in case your supplies are low or you’d like to add to your Zentangle things.

I won’t list the prices here but if you email me at untangled.kat@gmail.com , leave a message here, or even on Facebook Messenger I will let you know the prices.

  • Blank greeting Cards for tangling on
  • 2 Zentangle kits, the best starter kit EVER!  The Kit includes all the supplies you’ll need to get started properly: Sakura Micron Pens, Zentangle Tiles, pencil, sharpener, tortillion, a booklet and an instructional DVD by co-founder Maria Thomas
  • White, Black and Renaissance (tan) 3.5″ and White ATCs
  • Bijou tiles (2″ square)
  • 3Zs– the new Triangle tiles (great for mosaics!)
  • 2 packs of 7-7-7s (7 each of the 3.5″ tiles)
  • Black graphite and white charcoal pencils
  • Tortillions (for shading)
  • White  Sakura Gelly Roll Pens, and Gold Sakura Gelly Roll Pens
  • Black Sakura Micron pens in .005 and .01
  • Apprentice Pens, black
  • 2 Soap Stones (White for shading black tiles)
  • Identipens (for drawing on multi-surfaces)
  • 2 Canvas Travel Kits ( to be tangled on and holds pens, tiles, etc)
  • Eight Steps of Zentangle bookmarks

Let me know if you need or want anything!

My name





A Completely New Class!

An old, unfinished example of a Renaissance tile

A New Class and More
To learn more about this new class, go to the Classes and Events page at the top of this page.

BEYOND THE BASICS: Introduction to Renaissance Tiles”  will be at Blue Mountain Mercantile in Bluefield, WV on April 8th. This is the first class on this topic I’ve taught in this area, so sign up soon as it is a small venue and so seats are limited.

Call (304) 327-7560 to register.

The photo above is an unfinished Renaissance Tile– tan tile with brown and. black ink and white highlights.

Monthly FIRST Mondays at 6:00 PM we will be meeting at the Tazewell Public Library for our Heart Untangled group. Come and have fun with us! There will be laughter, drawing and sharing and all that will be missing is YOU, so please come!

We’ve had a lot of illness in the family, and one involved the Five day hospitalization of our daughter, Adriel. Things have been in a bit of chaos as a result. Hopefully things will begin to change now.

Keep an eye out for my blog posts… I’ll be sharing parts of my life as well as all things Zentangle. The next post will be a list of things currently available in our store! Be on the lookout for it in the next 24 hours😀

See you there!

Hearts Untangled Studios

PO Box 464  Tazewell, VA 24651 USA