Back in the Saddle

It’s been a hard year. My (step)daughter was found dead in her home country of England on November 14th of last year, and my Zentangle® classes fell by the wayside for awhile. My two biological adult kids each have had major issues going on, as well. My son lives in Houston and Hurricane Harvey only added to the struggle. My eldest daughter has had double pneumonia for eight months now, and the search for the cause continues. All this to say that I do have a good reason for not writing here… but I’m back now. 

I recently taught a small beginners class at the Appalachian Art Center in Cedar Bluff, VA and tried something new. I taught the regular beginner class but added a seasonal ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) Project. It turned out to be my favorite class to teach, and the students loved it as well! 

I’m going to post photos from the Class next. I’ll be back soon to share some Tangles, among other things. I have some that I created to share.

Hard at work
Teaching a class with my new equipment! So much easier showing the work while everyone stays seated. Before, students had to come to my table to watch me draw it because my motorized wheelchair didn’t work with the easel
Their beginner tiles… wonderful work!

The same but different…no two are the same in Zentangle.

I painted these watercolor sheets and put the stencil on it so the students could choose the one that tickled their fancy. Then I release them to draw the tangles they had just learned. These are 7×10” and frameable or used as autumn decoration or years to come.

Proud students! L-R: Karen Sullivan, Brenda Sayers, Robin and Samuel Brown (age 14).

I wanted to remind local folks that I not only hold public classes but private classes from 1-20 people. Great birthday party 🎉!

More soon!

Keep Tangling…


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    1. Thanks, Kath! It is a dream now to show everyone how to draw the tangles and such. I just draw under the camera lens and voilá!

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