Art Liberated!

Every year for the last five years I have participated in a wonderful international postcard swap. I look forward to it
eagerly every year, and this year was no exception. I wanted to share the post cards I received with you here. The swap was originated and is hosted by Kat Sloma, who’s postcard is at the end of this post (just in case someone hasn’t received theirs yet and want to be surprised).

The way the swap works is we send 5 postcards (some of us send 6 so Kat gets one, too), and 6 stamps and return address labels to Kat Sloma. She then gathers them from participants from all over the world sends them back out. No one knows where their postcard will end up or who they’re sending it to–that is part of the fun!

Liberated Art
LYA 2016

The terrific Liberate Your Art 2016 swap postcards that I received, left to right–

Top: 1.Beautiful hydrangea oil painting by Margaret Henning S?

2. Unknown- anonymous.

3. Wonderful card celebrating “BadAss” women by Linda Yeatman


1. Vietnamese Sunset photo by Mary Jane Henderson of Brisbane, Australia

2. Beach photo taken in Naples, Florida in December 2015 by Cakers of Cakers and Co.

I received lots of side swaps, too, which I will share over the next few posts. Those are cards that people exchange after the main swap is over, and we know who and where we are sending our postcard. I had a lot of postcards printed so I could trade with lots of other folks. Sadly, a situation arose that caused me to get a new domain and website AFTER I had the cards printed so I may never know who received mine.

This photo was taken by Swap host Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio. Go see her impressive photography work.

The postcard below is what I sent — a ZIA that I drew on Canson watercolor paper with a Micron O1 Sakura pen, about 5×7 originally.


The swap is ALWAYS fun! Getting Happy Mail is a real joy in my life.

Keep your heart untangled and LIBERATE YOUR ART!

Kat ^.^

21 thoughts on “Art Liberated!”

  1. These past few weeks of interacting with fellow artists by swapping postcards has been immensely fun! This year is my second year..I am glad to have met you :-)))

    1. Thanks, Sea! I love your art and frequently see it through Sheila Delgado’s site. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for visiting! ✨💖✨
      (And Zentangke is very addictive and fun!)

  2. Kat have I told you that your new blog looks stunning! LOL Honestly, I think it suits you well. I am so glad you swapped again this year, and I am still looking forward to receiving you card. Thanks for that… it still isn’t over for me, ha ha ha. Your art this year is so fun! That swirl makes me think of black licorice! Yum 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your side swaps 🙂

    1. I am worried yours is one that got lost so I’ll try again! And thank you for saying it looks stunning here! I have a wonderful friend who helped me create it- she is amazing! It’s good to have friends in high places 😀. Seriously, you captured ME. Love you, girlie.

  3. I love the postcards you received. There are so many out there. I have no idea where my cards landed and every year i only hear from one or two recipients.
    I love your zentangle you sent out. I find it a fascinating art form but have never tried it.
    Hope you enjoyed the swap.

    1. Oh, you really should try Zentangle®! Check out under “Learn More” to see the nearest CZT (teacher) to you. And this year I know where four of mine have landed but the previous year’s I only knew of one or two each time. Keep participating, it gets better! And participating in side swaps is as fun as the main one!

  4. Your artwork is absolutely amazing! What a talent.
    This was my first year of LYA and I’m already looking forward to the next one.

    1. Thank you so much! ✨💖✨ it is the highlight of my (correspondence) year. I’ll be here as long as Kat keeps hosting! Thanks for visiting 😊

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