Exciting Town News

This is definitely the mark of small town living…we get terribly excited over new businesses coming in, especially restaurants. And I discovered on Friday that we have a new coffee shop in town! It’s the only one we have, so you know we’re thrilled!

It’s called The Well…  Continue reading “Exciting Town News”

Getting back to it

It’s time to pick up my plow and work… it’s been 6 months since our daughter (my stepdaughter) died and things seemed to come nearly to a screeching halt with my Zentangle practice on November 14. Now I’m ready to take up my Micron pen and draw daily once again -and post.

I don’t want you to think I didn’t tangle during these past 6 months– that’s not true. I’ve used it to help with insomnia and anxiety but found myself struggling with those things again and I hadn’t for a full two years! So it was a wake-up call when they reared their ugly heads in my life again. I was shocked by their presence until I realized I had let several days go by at a time without tangling. Once I started to rectify that, the anxiety and insomnia packed their bags and left. This only reiterated how much Zentangle works and how much I need it…and how much I want to help others learn it.

So… here are some of my tiles I’ve done…

I’m so ready to teach! My question is this: Another beginner class or an Intermediate class with more tangles and  techniques? A Renaissance (tan tiles) or Black Tile class? A “14 Shades of Gray” class? I could go on and on! Suggestions welcome in the comment section…please?  

 I’m going to be publishing more than Zentangle here, such as other art posts, photography, and writings. Another passion I have are fountain pens and I may talk about those, too. I’ve had fun integrating my passions by drawing tiles with my different pens and inks. Explore!
Keep Tangling… I know I will!

Kat van Rooyen